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Welcome to the Freedom of Information section of our website. You will find here details of our Publication Scheme and the information which is immediately available for viewing on our website.

Single Model Publication

We have adopted the Model Publication Scheme 2015 that the Scottish Information Commissioner has produced.

The Model Publication Scheme has the Commissioner’s approval until 31 May 2019.

In adopting the Single Model Scheme, the Commission has produced a “Guide to Information.” The Guide to Information does the following:

               • allows you to see what information is available (and what is not available) in relation to each class of information;
               • states what charges may be applied;
               • explains how to find the information easily;
               • provides contact details for enquiries and to get help with accessing the information; and
               • explains how to request information that has not been published.

The Model Publication Scheme imposes the following six principles which govern the way in which we must make
 information available through our Guide:

             • Principle 1: Availability and formats
             • Principle 2: Exempt Information
             • Principle 3: Copyright and re-use
             • Principle 4: Charges
             • Principle 5: Advice and assistance
             • Principle 6: Duration

You can view our guide here. Alternatively, you can contact us on 0141 270 7030 and ask for a hard copy of our Guide to be posted to you.

Requests for copies of documents under the FOI Publication Scheme should be made in writing to our Information Officer, Mr Michael Walker, or by emailing

Decisions by the Scottish Information Commissioner:

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